“To develop a technically and commercially viable Coal Mining Project in Thar Block – II
to bring energy security to Pakistan via local untapped reserves”


Mine Details

The total reserves of block II are sufficient to support 5000MW of energy for 50 years; enough to pull the country out of the energy crisis.

The total allocated area of 95.5km2 has been leased to SECMC for 30 years, further extendable to another 30 years for extraction of coal. The Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) of the mining project was developed by Sinocoal International Engineering Research & Design Institute of China, RWE of Germany, SRK (UK) and Hagler Bailly in 2010, for a Mine capacity of 6.5 Mt/annum. The study concluded that the project is technically, commercially, environmentally and socially feasible. In 2012-13 RWE amended the original Feasibility Study for the Mine size of 3.8 Mt/annum, which was done to reduce the capital cost of the overall project. In 2012, RWE also developed a Competent Person Statement (CPS) for the Lignite Resources in Thar Block II, confirming that the total resources in Thar Block II are 2.039 Bn tons of which 1.57 Bn tons are mineable.

SECMC’s mining project is categorized amongst the ‘early harvest’ projects under CPEC to generate electricity utilizing Thar’s untapped coal reserves. Whilst work on the project had been in motion since 2010, the real mining work commenced post the financial closure in April 2016. SECMC unearthed the first layer of coal in July 2018 at a dept of 141 metres and declared commercial operations date by reaching the final layer and completing all tests & inspections on July 10, 2019.


The Phases of the Journey

The mining project is set to become the game changer for the energy security of Pakistan.

In the first phase, the current mine capacity stands at 3.8 MTPA and supplies coal to the 660MW mine mouth power plant in Thar Block II and achieved its commercial operation date in July 2019.

In the second phase, the mine has doubled its capacity and has reached 7.6 MTPA adding further 660MW to the grid making the cumulative total to 1320MW.

After the mine achieves Phase III by 2024 it will be operating at the capacity of 11.2 MTPA and contributing 1960 MW to the grid by supplying coal to all three plants in Thar Block II and helping with significant savings per annum in foreign exchange reserves which otherwise would be spent on importing coal into the country.

The next stage for the mine is supplying coal beyond power generation to other industries. It is already engaged with several big players of the cement industry and going forward will be looking to explore the possibility of coal gasification to support the fertilizer industry and beyond.


Our History



October 2022:

SECMC successfully declares Commercial Operations Date for Phase II of mine, after this expansion the mine output has increased to 7.6 MTPA from previously 3.8 MPTA under phase I of the plan. This expansion will enable the addition of 1320MW to the national grid.


Signed the Mine Acceleration Contract which ensures that Phase II Mine expansion will be completed as per Phase II IPPs timeline despite COVID related challenges.


• SECMC has demonstrated stellar operational performance by achieving 100% availability of Mine since COD and meeting 100% of its Off-taker Coal requirements.

• Implemented comprehensive COVID Business Continuity Plan which ensured no interruptions in coal supply to power plant.


December 2019:

SECMC closed the year 2019 on a high by achieving Financial Close of Phase II of the Thar Block II Mine, The financial close for Phase II will enable the mine to be expanded from the existing 3.8 mt per annum to 7.6 mt per annum.

July 2019:

SECMC successfully declares Commercial Operations Date for Phase I of mine and continues sustainable production of coal to serve demand of 660MW of Engro Powergen Thar’s mine mouth power plant.


October 2018:


TCEB issued the Contract Stage Tariff for expanded mine capacity of 7.6 Mt/a.

September 2018:

SECMC reached 90% project completion, removing 100 million BCM out of 112 million BCM.

June 2018:

SECMC reached first Coal seam in Thar Block II at a depth of 140m Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL).


December 2017:

SECMC filed a Contract Stage Tariff for mine expansion up to 7.6 Mt/a.

December 2017:

SECMC entered into EPC contracts with CMEC and China East Resources Import & Export Corporation to expand the mine from 3.8 Mt/a to 7.6 Mt/a so SECMC can fulfill its obligations to provide coal to TEL and TNPTL under the CSAs.

September 2017:

SECMC reached 50% project completion of 3.8 Mt/a mine construction removing 56 million bank cubic metre (BCM) in the process.

May 2017:

SECMC entered into the Coal Supply Agreements with Thar Energy Limited and ThalNova Thar Power Company Limited for the supply of coal to the mine mouth 330 MW power plants.

May 2017:

DADI and RWE completed Feasibility Study for Mine expansion up to 7.6 Mt/a. This was subsequently approved by Sindh Coal Authority.


April 2016:

SECMC achieved Financial Close for it 3.8 Mt/a mine.

February 2016:

SECMC and its sponsors and shareholders entered into the Sponsor Support Agreement setting out the obligations of the sponsors with respect to the construction of a 3.8 Mt/a mine.


December 2015:

SECMC entered into financing agreements with the lenders including:
1) Common Terms Agreement
2) USD Facility Agreement
3) Syndicate Term Finance Agreement
4) Islamic Facility Agreements
5) Accounts Agreement
6) Intercreditor Agent Agreement

On 21-Dec-15, the Government of Pakistan also issued a Sovereign Guarantee in favor of China Development Bank (on behalf of Chinese financiers) for an amount of USD 200 million.

December 2015:

CMEC Thar Mining Investments Limited became a shareholder in SECMC.

November 2015:

During the 5th JCC meeting, it was decided that following Phase I (construction of 3.8 Mt/a mine and 2×330 MW IPP), another 2×330 MW power plants will be set up in Thar Block II in the second phase as part of CPEC priority projects.

June 2015:

Engro Powergen Thar Limited (EPTL) and SECMC entered into a Coal Supply Agreement for the supply of 3.8 Mt/a coal from Block II Mine.

June 2015:

Thar Coal Energy Board determined the first ever Thar Coal Tariff on SECMC’s Tariff Petition.

April 2015:

SECMC signed a term-sheet with a syndicate of Pakistani banks led by HBL, UBL, FBL and BAFL for a loan of ~PKR 55 billion (equivalent to USD 500 million).

April 2015:

SECMC signed a term-sheet with China Development Bank for Loan of USD 200 million during President Xi’s visit to Pakistan.

April 2015:

HBL became a shareholder in SECMC.


December 2014:

SECMC filed the Contract Stage Tariff Petition for the construction of the 3.8 Mt/a mine leading up to a 6.5 Mt/a with the Thar Coal Energy Board in accordance with Thar Coal Tariff Determination Rules.

December 2014:

Mining Lease for an additional area of 15.9 adjacent to the initial 79 was granted to SECMC.

November 2014:

Hubco and Thal Limited became shareholders in SECMC.

November 2014:

SECMC’s Mining project of 3.8 Mt/a and associated 2×330 MW power project of Engro Powergen Thar (Pvt.) Limited were included in the priority list of CPEC energy projects.

September 2014:

SECMC entered into an EPC Contracts with China Machinery Engineering Corporation and China East Resources Import & Export Corporation for the construction of a 3.8 Mt/a mine in Thar Block II. The contractor was selected after an International Competitive Bidding Process.

January 2014:

An Amended and Restated Joint Venture Agreement was signed between the Government of Sindh, Engro Corporation Limited and Engro Energy Limited whereby it was agreed that the Government of Sindh will hold at least 51% of shares in SECMC.


March 2013:

Mining project was granted an NOC by SEPA for development of the Mining Project.

March 2013:

ECC of the Federal Cabinet approved a Sovereign Guarantee of USD 600 million for the development of a 6.5 Mt/a mining project on the condition that the majority shareholding of the project sponsoring company is to be held by Government of Sindh.


September 2012:

Thar Coal Environment and Social Impact Study was completed by Hagler Bailly Pakistan and SRK, UK for a mine with optimum capacity of 22.8 Mt/a to be developed in Phases. This was duly submitted to Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) for approval.


August 2011:

Mining Lease granted to SECMC for Block II for a period of 30 years.


October 2010:

ECC approved the incentive package for the development Coal Mining Project including:
• Declaration of Thar Coal Fields as a Special Economic Zone and projects for the development of Thar (including Coal Mining and Power Projects) as a ‘Projects of National Security’
• TCEB to function as the Coal Pricing Agency

August 2010:

Completion of Bankable Feasibility Study of a 6.5 Mt/a mine by Sinocoal International Engineering Research & Design Institute China-SCIEG. This was reviewed by RWE, Germany.

July 2010:

SECMC was granted an exploration license for Thar Block II by the Directorate General Mines and Minerals Department, Government of Sindh .


October 2009:

SECMC was incorporated as a Joint Venture between the GoS and Engro Powergen.

September 2009:

Joint Venture Agreement signed between Government of Sindh’s Coal and Energy Department, & Engro Energy Limited. As per the terms of the Agreement, GoS and Engro Energy were to form a Joint Venture company to carry out a Detailed Feasibility Study and construct a mining project in Thar Block II with an annual capacity of 3.5 to 6.5 million tons.
Under the terms of the Agreement, the Joint Venture Company was to be called Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) with GoS holding 40% shareholding in the company and Engro Energy holding 60%.

June 2009:

SEngro Energy selected as JV partner after a detailed evaluation by the Evaluation Committee formed by TC&EB.


June 2008:

Engro Energy submitted its proposal to develop coal mining project in Thar Block II along with an associated Power Project.

May 2008:

Government of Sindh issued an information memorandum seeking proposals from investors interested in developing a Coal Mining Project in Thar Block II in a joint venture with the Government of Sindh.



First groundbreaking of Thar coal performed by the then Prime Minister Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.



Thar coal discovered by Geological Survey of Pakistan

Production Highlights Phase II